Zeller, Speak!

Zeller, Speak!

Greetings friends!

I am happy to tell you that the Castleton Day Services program is getting a Facility dog from Canine Companions for Independence!! That is where I came from too. Dorine Saladin, fondly known as DG, will be traveling to the regional center of Canine Companions in Dublin, Ohio, to be trained with the dog. She will be there for a full week, learning all kinds of things and being matched with a dog. The dog may be male or female, black or yellow, a golden retriever or a lab or a mix of the two. We don’t know yet who the dog is. But we do know what a great addition to the program it will be!

I will let you in on a little secret: the dogs really enjoy being matched with their human. It is a week of joy and hard work. And it is also a time when the dogs get a few good laughs watching the humans trying to learn all the commands, corrections and praise they must know to be matched with a dog.

I know that the dog will happy working for New Hope and will find their heart filled with love, just as I did the moment I walked through the door! I can’t wait to introduce you to my new friend!

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