Zeller, Speak!

Zeller, Speak!

Greetings friends,

I hope this Memorial Day finds you well. Memorial Day is the day we remember and thank all the men and women who have served so selflessly in the Armed Forces. I thank each of them for their service.

I also thank my fellow canines, who have served in the Armed Forces in many different roles. Canines have been Sentry dogs meaning they accompany guards on patrol and warn them of the approach or presence of a stranger. Scout or Patrol dogs are trained to work in silence to aid in detecting snipers. Messenger dogs have learned to travel silently between two soldiers. Mine or M-dogs learn to find trip wires or booby traps. My favorite military dog is a Casualty dog, because these dogs look for and find injured soldiers that are laying in obscure places, hopefully buying enough time to save the soldier. Military dogs also detect explosives, these dogs are trained to alert to the chemicals used in explosives whether they be on a person, a vehicle or roadside.

I thank these dogs too for their work and for their sacrifices.

I am happy I have my job and the only scents I must think about are those of my friends at New Hope. I miss helping to cheer up my friends and to see them smile when I visit them. I will be so grateful when I can return to my job and my beloved New Hope.

Meanwhile, take care of your self, keep your masks on and thank those who do the hardest jobs. We will see each other soon.


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