Zeller, Speak

Zeller, Speak

Greeting friends!

I am thrilled to say that the Cheese and Thank You food truck is finally open!

Cheese and Thank You not only means my favorite food, CHEESE, but a new program that’s a part of New Hope’s transitional services for young adults. Team members will have the opportunity to make and serve delicious mac-n-cheese to people around the Indy area. I was able to meet the Food Truck Specialist, Tim Dunkel, and the whole Cheese and Thank You team: Michelle, Elijah, and Richie. They’ve been getting excited for the grand opening of the food truck as they’ve been practicing their food preparation skills over the past few weeks. I was proud of myself for not eating all the delicious food that they were practicing with!

The team said that there will be a big event to open the food truck on Tuesday, July 30th. There will be mac-n-cheese (of course) and my mother will even get to speak. The event will start at 11:30am in the parking lot just north of New Hope of Indiana on 86th Street.

They also said if I’m good that day I might even get some CHEESE!

Get as excited as I am because Cheese and Thank You is almost here!

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