Zeller, Speak!

Zeller, Speak!

Greetings Friends,

I do believe Spring is here, despite some chilly days.

The flowers are blooming, and almost overnight, plants have shot up out of the dirt in our bird garden. It is amazing how things change.

By the way, if you are looking for a change, we have some great job opportunities here at New Hope of Indiana. The Vocational Services program is looking for an Supported Employment Consultant who assist people in finding and maintaining employment. We are also hiring a Food Truck Specialist who will be responsible for all aspects of the food truck and its programming. There is also an opportunity for a home-based therapist and home-based case manager to work with families involved in the child welfare system.

New Hope is also hiring a Behavior Therapist, a Residential Team Leader and more. You will find these opportunities posted online at: www.newhopeofindiana.org/join-the-team.

If you decide to join our team, you will be amazed at how your life changes!

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