Zeller, Speak!

Zeller, Speak!

Hi Friends,

Even though February is often cold and dreary, it is one of my most favorite months! It is my service anniversary and my birthday! This year, on Valentine’s Day, I celebrated eight years of service with New Hope of Indiana and on February 17th, I turned 10 years old! I still love coming to work every day and getting lots of head pats and tummy rubs!

I also love seeing the great things that are going on here at New Hope of Indiana and in our community. AIM (Achieving Inclusion and Meaning) groups are out and about. This month they participated in Valentine’s Day with your legislator and had the chance to meet our Lt. Governor, Suzanne Crouch. They also discovered the City County Observation Deck, attended an Indy Fuel game and many other community events. And they still found time to play ball with me!

The Silver Cup Celebration committee is hard at work planning this year’s event which is April 25th. It promises to be lots of fun and an opportunity to learn more about New Hope of Indiana. I hope you will join us. You can purchase your tickets here.

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