Why do you like art?

Why do you like art?

by Adria Schrack, AIM Participant

Art – we each have a passion for it.

We all love it and have some different ways to show it. Drawing is a great way to show it. Art is amazing in different ways. It’s a good thing to express yourself. Creativity is cool since you don’t know what you’re going to make. Drawing you can make anything that is in your mind like animals, plants, self portraits. Creativity is in your hands. You can sculpt anything you put your mind into it. Music is another piece of art. You use your hands and voice to create the art.

Art is about sharing your passion artwork and creativity. I share my passion for art everyday. And the truth us art is very fun and brings people joy every single day. Art is my second passion and art is truly amazing so give it a chance today!

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