A Note from Allison: We Will Fight This Together

A Note from Allison: We Will Fight This Together

Hello from New Hope of Indiana-

Just like many of you, I live in a constant state of worry, hearing so much bad news and being constantly concerned about the New Hope individuals served and their caregivers. I am sad to report that the coronavirus has reached New Hope and our amazing caregivers are doing everything they can do to keep the individuals served and themselves safe and healthy. At this point, approximately 5% of the individuals currently being served have a confirmed case of COVID19. Luckily, the vast majority of these individuals are still living at home and are either holding their own or are asymptomatic. New Hope also has about 5% of its direct care associates that have tested positive for COVID19. Again, most of these associates are recovering at home or are asymptomatic. Compared to nursing homes this is a relatively low number; however, any number is too many for New Hope. New Hope is a family and, as we would with our own families, we pray for each individual fighting this virus and their amazing caregivers, and we are hopeful for a full recovery for each of them.

Since the beginning, New Hope has taken the lead from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) for all of our coronavirus policies and procedures. We are thankful for the ISDH which has been very helpful as we steer the ship of New Hope through these uncharted waters of a novel coronavirus. Unfortunately, as new information from new studies has become available, their guidance has changed over time which is frustrating for everyone. However, the goals New Hope set early on have not changed: 1) Keep individuals served and our associates healthy and safe; 2) Minimize risk of exposure and spread; 3) Keep our associates working; and 4) Maintain open communication with associates, clients, families, and the State.

Even though we have had some bad news at New Hope, I still am amazed at the incredible news I hear about the ways our New Hope caregivers continue to show unparalleled dedication. These stories bring me so much hope as we continue to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. I want to share a few of those stories with you to bring a bit of hope to you too.

Based on a strategy of contact tracing established by the ISDH, New Hope is testing many individuals served that turn out to be negative. Each time, we wait, holding our breath, for the results of the tests. In one home, every individual served had been tested as a precaution, and the associates who care for them were so worried for their well-being. When the associates received the news that every client in the home was negative for COVID-19, they were so overjoyed that they broke out in song and celebrated loudly with the individuals in the home! This was even as they were awaiting their own test results. They are truly CARE-givers. They care so much for the people they serve!

As I write this, another amazing team is working day in and day out to serve a home with COVID positive clients. A small but mighty staff of incredibly dedicated associates including a New Hope Manager, Team Leader and only one DSP have been working diligently for almost 2 weeks with COVID positive clients. What amazing servant leadership they display! This exemplifies the love that New Hope associates have for their New Hope family. We thank this team for their amazing and truly selfless efforts!

A DSP at a different house was informed that all three clients at the home where she regularly worked tested positive. She was asked if she was still willing to serve COVID positive clients. After thinking about it for a minute she said she was willing and told her supervisor that, “ We will fight this together!” People all over New Hope are stepping up and fighting this coronavirus in amazing ways! Please pray for them all!

Along with your prayers, our caregivers appreciate your support. As part of our recent Day of Caring, another home was grateful to receive a note from a family member expressing gratitude for the caregivers who are serving the individuals who live there. While I want to preserve their privacy, I want to share a piece of their sentiment. The note reads, “You are not merely heroes, particularly as you persevere in your vocation as caregivers during this coronavirus pandemic, but you are actually God’s angels here on Earth!…Through these years, (my loved one) has not only experienced a safe home that he can call his own, but he has received the most loving and compassionate care that goes above and beyond my expectations…Words fall short in expressing my appreciation for you.”

Thanks to all of you who shared your gratitude and appreciation for our caregivers during our Day of Caring. It was heard by all of #TeamNewHope! With your help we were able to raise over $6,500 in additional support to continue to provide the necessary services to keep those we serve happy and healthy. We’ve also received an unprecedented amount of in-kind donations including hundreds of homemade masks, household supplies, games and activities. While we can’t quite quantify these gifts, we are so grateful for the outpouring of support from all of you at this hard time. To all of our donors and supporters, including the anonymous ones, we thank you!

Stay healthy, pray for New Hope and don’t forget to wash your hands!


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