Volunteering on New Hope’s Board of Directors is Inspiring

Volunteering on New Hope’s Board of Directors is Inspiring

by Loraine Brown, NHI Board Member

There is something special about New Hope of Indiana. Serving on the Board of Directors, every time I participate in our board meetings, assist in planning or attend a celebratory event like the Silver Cup Celebration, I am inspired! The leadership and staff exemplify a spirit of truly caring for those who receive services, their families and one another.

To be inspired is to fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. Creativity is what New Hope does best, tapping in to the creative part of each person, recognizing their unique gifts. When I participate at New Hope, there is something about the ministry that cannot be articulated, a feeling of goodness, positivity, excitement and definitely creativity! I am always learning more about the good work of New Hope. The services that are offered to those in need are vast and customized to the person and their family, helping them reach their fullest potential.

This is what I know – the Indianapolis community is blessed by the presence of New Hope. Just recently, New Hope has been recognized as a Top Workplace by the Indianapolis Star, which is quite an honor. The people who call New Hope their employer are committed to excellent care. New Hope inspires each associate to find meaning and purpose in their work. I believe those who serve at New Hope are called to impact the lives of others in a positive way.

The mission of New Hope began over 40 years ago to serve and advocate for those most in need. Recently I was fortunate to be a part of refining and reframing the mission in a more intentional way. The new clarity in the mission statement boldly states that New Hope of Indiana is a leader in providing holistic services and resources to persons with disabilities and their families while advocating to advance the opportunities for those in need of support.

One of my dear friends has a son who is served by New Hope. Having a child with disabilities is extraordinarily difficult and New Hope provides a safe and creative place for her son in the Day Services program. New Hope is a gift to her family, and knowing that her son has a place where he can be cared for mentally, emotionally and physically fills my heart, knowing that he is safe.
When I encounter the people and witness the work done at New Hope, I smile and am encouraged. I am thankful to be a small part of a ministry which cares for and honors the dignity of each person, and in a beautiful way, inspiring new hope!

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