New Hope of Indiana | Volunteer
For over forty years, New Hope of Indiana has been committed to supporting individuals and families, encouraging them to live their most independent, fulfilling lives. Through services for individuals with disabilities, counseling for families in the child welfare system and advocacy efforts, New Hope of Indiana is making an impact in our communities every day.
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Give the Gift of Your Time by Volunteering!

Volunteering at New Hope is a wonderful opportunity to meet and interact with amazing people who live full and beautiful lives, despite the challenges they face every day. We are constantly exploring ways to enhance community integration of those we serve, and volunteers are a vital part of making it happen. We have many opportunities for individuals, families, schools, corporations, and organizations, with so many different ways to make the gift of time count in big ways. We would be honored to create a volunteer experience to match your time and talents.

Tell us how you’d like to be involved!

There are so many ways you can be a special friend to someone who can learn and grow from what you have to share. If you have an idea of your own and would like to help, we’d love to hear what you have to say!

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New Hope of Indiana is a Presidential Volunteer Service Award certifying organization.

Many of our volunteers have opened up new avenues and resources that have enhanced the services we provide, just by sharing their ideas! Our volunteers become part of the New Hope family and we see many of the same faces back time and again to work alongside us. If it’s been on your mind to do something really fulfilling, you’ll become addicted to the feeling you’ll have when you volunteer at New Hope!

Be at least 16 years of age

Be able to commit to a minimum of 30 hours of volunteer service per year

Complete a volunteer orientation