Voices of New Hope

Voices of New Hope

After a year of feeling disconnected from one another, New Hope is celebrating its diverse and unique individuals, each with their own perspective, experiences, dreams and goals. This month, we’re hearing from Sam Massaley.

Sam and his family migrated from Liberia in 2000 and Sam joined New Hope in 2002 first as a Skills Trainer, then a DSP and now Team Leader for Demarillac Group Home.

Sam has a Bachelors degree in Sociology from Indiana University and a Masters degree in Strategic Management from Indiana Wesleyan University. He and his family are members of Trinity Episcopal Church in Indianapolis. Sam is an ardent consumer of politics and a sports enthusiast. He plays soccer, basketball, and volleyball and his favorite NFL team is the Pittsburg, Steelers.

Special thanks to Sam for his contributions to our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee. As part of his role on that committee, Sam is committed to creating a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion. To that end, Sam shared more about his home of Liberia to help us know him better.

Republic of Liberia

Fun Fact: Liberia was the first African Republic to proclaim independence.
Location: Southwestern Africa
Landscape and Climate: Tropical, coastal and farm lands with a wet and dry season (no snow)
Population: 5 million
Independence Day: July 26, 1847
Official Language: English
Capital City: Monrovia, Liberia
Government: Democratic Republic led by President George Weah with 15 counties
Cultural Identity: 20+ indigenous groups, each with their own traditions, values, systems and beliefs
Religion: 65% Christian, 35% Muslim
Entertainment: Cultural performances, sports, music and movies (both Western and African)
Sam’s Favorite Food from Home: Cassava Leaf and Rice

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