Voices of New Hope: Volunteer Leaders

Voices of New Hope: Volunteer Leaders

There are so many ways to give back to our community and to make a difference in the lives of our most vulnerable neighbors. At New Hope of Indiana, we are especially grateful for the volunteers that choose to support our mission with their time and talent. Their voices are an important part of our story.

Loraine Brown is a New Hope Board member with a long history of supporting our mission. She chooses to serve as a volunteer leader with New Hope because she shares our organization’s Core Values of Dedication, Service, Reverence, Wisdom, Integrity, Inclusivity and Creativity.

“To be inspired is to fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. Creativity is what New Hope does best, tapping in to the creative part of each person, recognizing their unique gifts. When I participate at New Hope, there is something about the ministry that cannot be articulated, a feeling of goodness, positivity, excitement and definitely creativity! I am always learning more about the good work of New Hope. The services that are offered to those in need are vast and customized to the person and their family, helping them reach their fullest potential.”

Daryl Daugherty chooses to share his time with the individuals served by New Hope in a weekly Bible Study. One of his fondest New Hope memories was the first time he met Cindy.

“One of the great amazements of my life followed – Cindy took my hand and walked me to the classroom. She somehow knew how to treat a newbie. Without saying much, Cindy demonstrated (and taught) the Second Commandment. It was heart-warming to see real Christian love extended to a stranger. These types of surprises have continued many times over the ensuing years as my New Hope friends continually teach patience, kindness, trust, love and many other biblical truths. I have seen them extend these biblical demonstrations to my wife and many others. Best of all they teach in ways that most of us cannot re-create. But while I can’t re-create their teaching, trust, faith and love, I can imitate it.”

Lauren Palmer first met New Hope after being invited to a Lunch & Learn by her neighbor who works at New Hope. Since then, she has volunteered as part of New Hope’s Young Professionals Group and is a member of our Marketing Committee, offering her professional guidance to support New Hope’s marketing and PR efforts. Lauren’s insight is always appreciated and brings a great new perspective to the conversation.

“Individuals with special needs have so many gifts and talents to offer our world, and they deserve access to all the opportunities and experiences that able-bodied people take for granted. New Hope creates a safe and welcoming space that doesn’t exist in most places, and it offers critical support for families caring for their loved one with special needs. I left that community engagement lunch with a new appreciation for what New Hope provides Indianapolis, and a new interest in finding ways to use my time, talent and charitable giving dollars to support New Hope’s mission.”

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