Voices of New Hope: Holiday Cheer

Voices of New Hope: Holiday Cheer

The holiday season is often a time of happiness, tradition and magic. At New Hope, we LOVE the holidays and all of the fun and festive moments that they bring. We asked some of our clients what they enjoy most about the holiday season. Here is what they shared.


“I like Thanksgiving because we bake a turkey. I’m most thankful for Mom and Dad.” Jacob

“I like Christmas. I like celebrating it with my family. I like Christmas shopping and baking cookies.” Denni

“I’m excited for Christmas Eve. A holiday to me because ever since I was a little kid we would have a big meal. We would have spumoni ice cream with mistletoe. We open gifts early and pass out cookies from the Santa cookie jar. My tradition with my Grandma is singing two Christmas songs for the whole family.” Adria

“The holidays is a time for me to enjoy my family.  It is a time for happiness, good food, spending time together.  Catching up with old friends. I miss my friends from Day Services.” Erick

“I’m thankful to have a home like this with New Hope, and for Christmas I’m excited to go see the lights and to go see Santa!” Gary

“I like getting together with family and friends. I enjoy making cookies and fudge.” Stacia

“The Holidays mean a lot of love for Jesus, and family love and kindness. Ringing in the New Year with a bright new look for the future with a champagne toast!” Eric

“I love Christmas because of the presents and surprises.” Megan

“Christmas for me means being with family.” Bobby

“Christmas means giving, eating pumpkin pie and eating peanut butter pie.” Deb

“I love hearing Christmas music and watching my Christmas light on the tree.” Phillip

“I love my Christmas presents!” Martha

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