Voices of New Hope

Voices of New Hope

Nikeita Smith has been served by New Hope for 24 years and has been making people smile her whole life! She loves to be involved in art, games, exercise, and socializing. She is very friendly and kind. Nikeita is often wearing jewelry she has made and her hair is always perfectly done.

We are proud to serve such kind and caring people like Nikeita and want to share her kindness with our friends.

It’s been hard not going to see my mom on the weekends since the virus came, but New Hope has always been nice to me. This year, I’m looking forward to going places like to the park and seeing concerts. I love singing gospel music and I’m a huge fan of Kirk Franklin. I’d like to go to a Kirk Franklin concert some time. If I ever met him, I’d ask him to sing me a song because I want to be happy! I like to listen to music, make jewelry, talk to friends and go shopping. I really want to more art. I like to dance and get my hair done. I enjoy funny shows too.

I hope that people I meet remember my smile and that I’m friendly, kind and happy.

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