Transition Services

Transition Services

New Hope of Indiana offers community-based transition services to young adults exiting high school and looking for services which will encourage personal growth through volunteering, pre-vocational skills-training and recreation. Individuals will participate in activities which interest them throughout the community and will learn skills which promote self-advocacy and independence as they transition into adulthood. Services are provided through:


The AIM (Achieving Inclusion and Meaning) program is community-based in which individuals participate in various activities such as volunteering in the community, learning how to use public transportation independently, visiting museums and cultural events, and much more!


The food truck program provides individuals the opportunity to work on New Hope’s food truck, Cheese and Thank You. Individuals will learn pre-vocational skills as well as food preparation, customer service and social marketing.

AIM (Achieving Inclusion and Meaning Program)

The AIM Program offers:

Community-based services which offer individuals the opportunity to actively participate in the planning and execution of daily activities including but not limited to:

Identifying and participating in volunteer opportunities

Learning how the legislature works

Becoming self-advocates

Participating in museum activities

Learning how to ride public transportation and much more

Food Truck Program: Cheese and Thank You

Cheese and Thank You Offers:

A unique program providing individuals with disabilities the opportunity to develop vital job skills. Cheese and Thank you will serve mac-n-cheese with toppings like bacon, BBQ or vegetables.


Individuals need to be ambulatory, able to use the restroom independently, and tolerate being active in the community for six hours at a time.


This program is funded by the Medicaid waiver and is considered a 4:1 Pre-Vocational Group for waiver purposes. Private pay will not be accepted at this time. Space is limited.


Job skills that participants can be expected to learn include but are not limited to:


Menu development

Business management

Customer service

Social marketing

For questions or more details call Amy Flint at 317-744-5430, or click HERE to send her a message.