Third Annual Silver Cup Celebration Cancelled

Third Annual Silver Cup Celebration Cancelled

So much of our business as usual has been interrupted by COVID-19 concerns, and with these concerns in mind, we are sad to announce that we will not be hosting our Third Annual Silver Cup Celebration as originally planned for June 11, 2020.

New Hope’s Silver Cup Celebration is an annual event which allows us to come together to celebrate the amazing things our donors and sponsors allow us to accomplish each year. We showcase some of the talented individuals that we serve, we honor our partners and associates and we take time to say thank you to all of you who make our work possible. The Silver Cup Celebration brings more donors and philanthropic support than any other New Hope event, filling our metaphorical cup to support innovative and important programs for individuals with disabilities.

Last year, we were so thankful to raise over $27,000 at our Silver Cup Celebration to renovate our outdated art room. Today, the renovation is underway at Payne Road and your support is becoming tangible. (Get a sneak peek at the construction here.)

Over the next couple of weeks, we will share more stories of the work that our donors make possible, the amazing individuals we serve, their dedicated caregivers and the partners who support our work. All of this will lead up to the announcement of our first-ever recipient of the Lynn Feldman & Kathe Rae DSP of the Year Award on June 11th.

We hope that despite not being able to gather in-person, you will choose to support the things that we hope to celebrate at the Fourth Annual Silver Cup next spring.

Help us fill our cup. Donate now.

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