Taking on a Challenge – Together

Taking on a Challenge – Together

It is our vision to serve “people of all ages to build a more inclusive community where all are welcomed, valued and living their best life.”

We are proud to be able to demonstrate that type of service through our AIM program. Seeking to achieve inclusion and meaning in the lives of program participants, AIM offers opportunities for clients to volunteer in their community, spend time learning how to navigate the social norms of our society, develop relationships with their peers and with others in the community and enjoy everything that the Indianapolis community has to offer them.

AIM Manager, Amanda Boyd, becomes obviously happy when she talks about the work that she does and the progress she has seen among her clients. The first AIM group began last August and has since grown to two groups serving 11 young adults with disabilities. These individuals have changed the way the hallways at Payne Road feel in the morning, bringing a new energy to them before they head out into the community for the day. Perhaps that’s what you can see in Amanda’s eyes when she talks about AIM – the energy that these creative, joyful people bring to her life every day. And perhaps that’s what keeps them excited to come back each day.

These young adults are learning financial responsibility, cooking skills, relationship-building, compromise and teamwork. They most enjoy volunteering at over 10 local nonprofits each month where they learn new skills, meet new people and are able to give back to the community. They often talk about how they enjoy taking on a new challenge together, as a group, and how they love meeting new people and trying new things. Several of them found AIM as an alternative to staying home during the day, watching TV or playing video games. They have truly found meaning in their daily lives and are happy to give up days off from their jobs or time away from the comfort of their home to participate in AIM.

So far, we are proud to say that AIM has been a success. As it continues to grow (yes, we are looking for group three!), we can’t wait to see the cool things they find to do in the Indianapolis community!

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