Taking Action

Taking Action

In the five years Patty Cooper has been served by New Hope in the Supported Living Program, she has been involved in a lot of interesting, fun and community service-oriented activities, which is just the way she likes it. She resides at The Lakes apartments with two roommates, one of which is her very good friend, Cindy. She has had two jobs, Pizza Hut and MCL, which she really enjoyed. She’s disappointed that she is unable to work at this time due to health issues. Patty is a charter member of the New Hope of Indiana Kiwanis Aktion Club and has served on the board as Vice President and currently is the Secretary. She recently assumed the year-long role of chairman for the Client Communication Committee, which meets quarterly. She feels the communication meetings are important as clients can get information about what is going on at New Hope and can also speak up about issues.

Patty shared being happy at New Hope because she is so active, has a lot of fun, helps with fundraising and gives back to the community. She is proud of her involvement with Aktion Club, especially raising money for local charities like ringing the bell for Salvation Army. She also enjoys other club activities like attending Indians games, going out to eat, collecting can tabs, passing out candy at Kiwanis Easter Egg Hunts, etc. For many years, she and Cindy have been callers at the monthly Kiwanis Bingo. She does a good job keeping the bingo games running smoothly. Patty attends Payne Road Day Services and has been a part of the choir, garden club and art therapy in which she helped make mosaic pots and coasters for the Silver Cup Celebration this past spring.

Patty has attended College Park Church for over 16 years. She really likes attending that church and the fellowship she feels as a member. She recently celebrated her 61st birthday with a big bash at Red Robin. Her good friends from church, Jeff and Joanne, who coordinate the special needs ministry at College Park, attended. Thirty-two other friends also came to help Patty celebrate, so there is no doubt Patty loves to party!

Thank you to Patty for being such a great New Hope ambassador through your dedication to Aktion Club, willingness to serve on the Client Communication Committee, excellent bingo calling skills, desire to help the community and fun-loving attitude. We’re proud to serve you!

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