Supporting New Hope’s Future

Supporting New Hope’s Future

by Bernie Konrady, NHI Supporter and Family Member

My brother Jeff was born with disabilities that would not allow him to lead an independent life in the home he was born into. It was not his choice!

As Jeff and his disabilities became more severe with age, my parents recognized their own limitations for the long-term care and well-being of their son.

They began a search for long term care for Jeff that eventually led to New Hope in 1978.

There, my parents found a safe, loving, caring environment for their son. Over time, as Jeff settled in to his new home, my parents recognized that their son was thriving at New Hope. They felt they had found the right long-term answer for Jeff. And, they found a “new hope” for their son.

New Hope has been through many transitions since Jeff arrived. From starting as a residential facility on Payne Rd., the “saving grace” (literally) of the Daughters of Charity/Saint Vincent’s, to the independent organization that New Hope has evolved into today, with clients living in a home atmosphere and supported living situations and giving respite to the families and loved ones of so many. And today, fighting on to give quality care and health safety during a National COVID-19 Epidemic.

Today, at 67 years old, my brother is still living an independent life with the help and care of New Hope staff in the environment my parents found for their son in 1978.

New Hope has given my brother Jeff a better life than my parents, my siblings and I could have ever hoped to provide for him.

For that reason, my family, my sisters, my parents (in memorium) and I feel a very deep debt of gratitude to New Hope. Because of that, New Hope is a part of my annual giving and is a significant part of my estate planning. It is of the utmost importance to me that New Hope continue into the future to serve families and their loved ones with special needs, as they have served my brother and our family.

I encourage you, as you can, to join me and my family in making sure New Hope is here and caring for people with special needs tomorrow and for many, many years to come.

Our donations ensure a “new hope” for so many that need help today and will need help tomorrow.

Please give to this deserving organization. It is a ray of hope for so many.

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