Service Spotlight: Pam Givens-Horne

Service Spotlight: Pam Givens-Horne

Pam Givens-Horne has worked at New Hope of Indiana since June of 1988 when she began work as a skills trainer in Beta Unit, serving people with traumatic brain injuries. Pam has stayed at New Hope for 30 years because she genuinely enjoys what she does every day, especially getting to serve those with disabilities. Over the years, she has found ways to help those she serves live their best lives by taking them to the race track, going to see shows at Beef and Boards, and even visiting Disney World! Pam now serves New Hope’s clients as a Team Leader in the Supported Living Program.

At home, Pam enjoys spending her time with her family: her husband who is retired from the Army and her 3 children who she calls the joy of her life. She enjoys shopping and traveling, especially going on cruises.

New Hope is so thankful to Pam for her incredible 30 years of service!

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