Service Spotlight: Gina Borneman

Service Spotlight: Gina Borneman

Fifteen-year NHI associate and DSP, Gina Borneman feels her employment at New Hope was meant to be as she has been able to experience miracles. Prior to coming to NHI, she had worked in special education and with boy scouts with disabilities. She heard about NHI from an acquaintance, who recommended Gina look into employment. She has a degree in journalism, though most of her professional life has centered around helping others. However, Gina shared that her degree has certainly come in handy with documentation, which is always thorough and grammatically correct.

Gina initially worked nights on the old “sleep shift” which worked well for her busy family schedule. She then went to FCS to work for several years with Jeannette, whose mother Jean Driskel, is also an associate. Helping Jeannette learn to express her feelings was a blessing for Gina, who is committed to helping the individuals she serves truly reach their potential.

For the last twelve years, Gina has worked in FCS with Keturah, who resides with her parents. She and Gina have a very special bond. Gina shared that when she first started working with Keturah, there was very limited communication and interaction with others. Gina looked for specific goals they could work on together. A favorite memory is when Gina helped Keturah with her speech. Through much practice and some pretty fun activities, Keturah mastered the challenging “L” and “R” sounds. She started speaking for herself more and even for Gina sometimes, such as ordering at a restaurant. Keturah’s family is very appreciative of Gina and her dedication. She is considered one of the family who is often invited to special occasions.

Gina’s own family is very important to her including her husband, three grown children and three precious grandchildren. Her faith is strong, and she is involved at her church. She has a passion for genealogy and capturing family stories, and also enjoys antiques, gardening and cooking.

Big thanks to Gina for her long-term commitment to the individuals she serves and to New Hope!

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