Service Spotlight: DSP Week 2020

Service Spotlight: DSP Week 2020

New Hope celebrated DSP Recognition Week September 14th-20th, and continues to celebrate our amazing Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) each and every day. The caregivers featured here are outstanding examples of New Hope’s Core Values of Service and Dedication. Thank you to each of them and the hundreds of other caregivers who make New Hope the organization it is today.

Denise Winbush
I chose to become a DSP, because I was searching for a job that was truly centered around helping others. Retail and customer service were okay, but it just felt like I was there to do my shift and make my money, nothing else. I needed a emotional reward out of my job or else I didn’t see myself growing! My clients definitely motivate me at work! Just hearing them laugh, smile, and crack the funniest jokes makes my day. My favorite part of my job is watching movies and listening music with my clients. One is OBSESSED with Jermaine Jackson and the Jackson 5. It got to the point that I bought The Wiz movie for her on my YouTube account so every weekend she looks forward to seeing me!

I want people to know that the individuals are no different from us, no matter what their diagnosis may be. They have rights and feelings, and ultimately just want to be treated the same as everyone else. It’s important to treat them the same way you would treat a loved one!

At home, my environment motivates me. I love coming home to a peaceful place where I can just relax and be me for a moment. I look up to my mother, beyond her being a parent of mine. She is someone that just breathes strength and motivation and has such a strong spirit. As I got older, I saw that beyond that strong exterior, she was a woman full of love, courage, but also doubt, showing me that she was no superhuman like I thought. This made me admire her even more seeing that despite everything she went through behind close doors, her spirit was never broken.

I hope to graduate Nursing school this December and start off in the ICU or ED unit! I love Critical Care Nursing and eventually want to become certified for this specialty while also completing graduate school to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. After settling into my career, my ultimate goal is to open my own Wellness Center to manage my own set of clients.

Ifunanya Mbelu
Being a DSP is not just a job for me, it is a calling. It makes me happy and fulfilled being able to be part of an individual’s milestones, exposing them to new personal growth. Being in the health care field generally gives me a sense of purpose. My motivation at work comes from the progress and achievements of the individuals I serve, a conducive and unbiased work environment, and a great team that is always there to support and encourage. I get my motivation at home from my family. Being there to encourage my clients’ strength and be able to assist their weaknesses, putting a smile on their faces with every little chance I get is my favorite part of my job. Seeing them happy makes me happy too.

I look up to my mum. She has raised this wonderful individual which is me. Every principle I lead now in my life was instilled in me by her. She is an amazing woman. I am also thankful to God for life in general, thankful for my clients and my team, and thankful for being a part of a great organization like New Hope of Indiana.

I hope to become a Registered Nurse and to be able to impact more in the lives of people and the most vulnerable in the society. The individuals I serve are more than their disabilities. When I see them, I don’t see their disability, I only see amazing people who thrive and who want to contribute to their community.

Janet Inman
I choose to be a DSP, because I enjoy helping people out when they need it. Im inspired by my parents who are a very big part of why I am the way I am. The best part of my job is being able to help out when needed and being there for people. I love how I can help people and going to places that I enjoy going to with the people I serve. I hope that people can all get along no matter who they are. Just to be kind to one another and be open minded to things. People like the individuals I serve should be looked as the same as me.

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