Service Spotlight: Christa Robinson

Service Spotlight: Christa Robinson

Christa with her daughter.

Christa has a passion for families, especially children. Her degree is in human ecology with a minor in child development. At the recommendation of a New Hope associate, Christa was initially hired as a team leader in the Family and Community Services (FCS) program. After eight months she transferred to the Home Based Counseling Program as Case Manager, as it was her goal to work with families. Christa loves her position so much that it does not feel like work to her, even with the challenges and frustrations. Being able to work directly with moms in their homes, helping them to learn needed skills and seeing their progress is very rewarding for Christa, particularly the positive effect it has on the children.

While Christa has been touched by many families throughout the last eleven years as a case manager, one situation was inspiring and memorable. She was working with parents of a child with intellectual disabilities and the child was in foster care. Despite all efforts, the mother recognized that she was not able to adequately provide for her daughter. The father was married, but also did not feel he could care for her. The foster parents had provided her care for several years and decided to adopt the child. The adoption was open, which allowed the parents to be involved in the child’s life. Christa recognized and respected what a hard decision it was for the parents to relinquish their parental rights. However, they have continued to have contact with her, so it was a very positive outcome.

Christa with her sister at Niagra Falls.

Christa works with a great team within Home Based Counseling. Each member is very different, but bring different gifts and the team is supportive of one another. Christa has appreciated working for Kathy Ballard, learning so much from from her vast knowledge and compassion. Christa enjoys spending time with family and friends. She is lucky her daughter Yazmin lives nearby, so they can see each other often. Christa loves new adventures, such as traveling and recently visited Niagara Falls. She was in awe of the beauty and wonder of the falls.

New Hope and the Home Based Counseling Program are so fortunate to have the dedication, service, reverence and wisdom of Christa. She is truly making a positive impact in the lives of families in need.

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