Service Spotlight: Chris Moore

Service Spotlight: Chris Moore

Group Home Team Leader, Chris Moore, was uninterested in being spotlighted to say the least. With a little encouragement from his Manager, he begrudgingly agreed to answer some basic questions about himself. Thanks to Chris for his 17 years of dedicated service to New Hope in the Group Home program!

Where you are from? I am from the small town of Cayuga, Indiana.

What’s your family like? My wife Jessica and I have a ten year old son Ethan. I have a younger brother who lives in Michigan. I have three nephews and two nieces.

What was high school like? I went to North Vermillion High School where I played football, basketball and baseball and was active in Business Professionals of America.

Did you go to college? I attended Indiana University and studied accounting.

What brought you to New Hope? In college I worked in a group home for teenagers with autism. That led me to a teacher’s aid position in a special education classroom at Bloomington South High School. My wife and I moved to Indianapolis in 2000. I then got a job as the Supported Independent Living Program Coordinator at Janus Developmental Services. After a couple years there, my friend and neighbor Jason Dunderdale told me about a Team Leader position opening at New Hope. I have now worked at New Hope for 17 years. I started at Seton GH and then transferred to DePaul, and for a short stint was the Team Leader at both sites.

What made you feel compelled to work in this field of work? Once I started working at the group home in Bloomington, I fell in love with the work immediately. I love helping people and it was obvious to me the direct impact I could have on peoples’ lives working in this field.

What you enjoy most about your position as Team Leader at the Group Home? I most enjoy the direct positive impact that myself and my team have on the individuals and their families. It’s not always obvious, but when it is there are not many things in life that are more rewarding.

What keeps you connected to New Hope after all these years? I love the people at New Hope and I am very proud to be part of an organization that is recognized as the best in the business. New Hope is important to the community because in many ways we provide a connection with our individuals to the community and in doing so hopefully change peoples’ perceptions on disabilities.

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