Seeking Volunteers!

30 Apr Seeking Volunteers!

The NHI Day Services Program is looking for volunteers to help with several interesting and fun activities. Do you garden or know someone who does? We have a garden club, which enjoys growing vegetables and reaping the harvest to make fresh and healthy recipes, and could use some gardening assistance. Perhaps you enjoy crafts and could share your talents with some fun, simple craft activities. The individuals who attend day services love crafts of all types, especially holiday related. Also popular is a weekly bible study and the importance of faith in every day life. We need a volunteer coordinator for the class. Yet another opportunity is helping with music activities like weekly karaoke, assisting with our choir for special events and holiday sing-a-longs.

If you are interested in helping with any of these activities or would like more information, please contact Kathe Rae at 317-338-4564 or by email.

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