Service Spotlight: Richetta Covington

Service Spotlight: Richetta Covington

Richetta Covington, DSP in Family and Community Services (FCS)

Nineteen years ago, Richetta was looking for a job and was referred by someone she knew in the New Hope registry. She did not want to work in the registry, preferring to work 1:1 rather than at multiple sites, and also did not think she would stay long. She certainly got her wish of working 1:1, having worked ALL of those years with the same person, Lisa C., which is truly amazing. By nature, Richetta is a nurturer in both her professional and personal lives. She found her gift of caring at NHI and has been dedicated to serving Lisa, providing compassionate care, consistency and support. Some of her favorite New Hope memories include birthday parties several years ago for Lisa in the New Hope picnic shelter with Lisa’s family and friends.

Richetta’s faith is very much a part of her life as is her family. She helps to care for her 90-year-old mother. In addition to a son and daughter, she has seven grandchildren and five great grandchildren with another one on the way. There are five generations in her family, which was celebrated recently at her mother’s birthday party. She is also involved with her church, where she enjoys singing in the choir and participating in other church events.

Thank you to Richetta for living the Core Value of Dedication!

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  1. Connie Miller September 10, 2018 at 10:10 pm

    Thank you for the love and care you give our client.

  2. Toni I. Carter September 11, 2018 at 12:15 am

    I remember interviewing Richetta for the position with Lisa C. This woman was going to be the right fit to serve Lisa through many years of ups and downs. Richetta never flinched in her care, but worked tirelessly to give Lisa the best life possible. She inspired Lisa’s growing independence, and brought Lisa back to her faith in God. Richetta helped Lisa with her poetry, encouraging her to write more and use poetry as an outlet for her frustrations as well as her vision of beauty. A funny memory is remembering how Richetta would talk to Lisa’s two cockatiels – Bradford and Braxton. If you were not watching the action, you would swear Richetta was talking to two rambunctious toddlers. Even funnier, those two birds listened and obeyed! In my 25 years at New Hope, I do not remember ever meeting and working with another DSP who was as person centered as Richetta. She is one in a million.

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