Remembering Our Friends: March 2024

Remembering Our Friends: March 2024

Kevin Munas

It is with sadness that New Hope announces the passing of Kevin Munas. Kevin passed at St. Vincent Hospital on Tuesday, March 19, 2024, after experiencing a significant health event while at New Hope’s Day Services the day prior. Kevin was new to the New Hope family, moving to Winston 1 in October of 2023, and joining New Hope’s Day Services family in December. Kevin was a joy to serve! Kevin was a happy-go-lucky guy who liked to be neatly dressed and even hand pressed his socks! He liked to party at night and sleep during the day. Kevin loved to dine at Arby’s and McDonald’s and his favorite color was green. Kevin always wore a smile on his face and if you were lucky enough to be among his favorites, he would certainly ask for a hug! Kevin enjoyed looking at unique architecture and showed a fondness for RVs. At home, Kevin worked on jigsaw puzzles and had a knack for making pieces fit, even if they didn’t belong. Kevin enjoyed remaining busy and would offer to help with chores or assist with cooking. He especially enjoyed stirring cake batter. Kevin was a great addition to the Winston 1 family and will be greatly missed by his housemates and staff.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Kevin’s family, beloved housemates, Day Services staff and friends, and all who called Kevin a friend.

You can view Kevin’s obituary by clicking below.

Susan Sheffler

It is with sadness that New Hope announces the passing of Susan Sheffler. Susan passed away on Saturday, March 9th after experiencing a significant cardiac event earlier in the week. Susan was served by New Hope for 42 years, residing at our 66th Street home since it opened in 1995. Susan loved to attend church and Bible study with her housemates and friends from College Park. She was an avid reader and enjoyed listening to her audio books, often finishing three in any given week. Susan loved attending Noble day services where she participated in art and music with her friends. She loved to eat at Red Lobster and celebrated her birthday there each year in style! Susan’s family and friends were dear to her heart. She always looked forward to visits from her sisters as well as her childhood friends who are from Dublin, Indiana and would visit her around the holidays each year.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Susan’s family, beloved housemates, caregivers and all who called Susan their friend.

You can view Susan’s obituary by clicking below.

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