Remembering Our Friends

Remembering Our Friends

Gina Covington
February 10, 1957 – November 3, 2018

Gina loved life, and there was no doubt about it! She was a power shopper and really liked to look for bargain purses, jewelry and games. She was quite the “queen of bling” wearing anything and everything sparkly and shiny. She loved bingo and attended the monthly Kiwanis bingo as well as weekly bingo at the Payne Road Day Services. Gina also worked at Noble Industries for many years. She loved comfort food, so her favorite restaurants were MCL, Golden Corral and Cracker Barrel.

She resided at the Coopersmith Supported Living home where she was truly the queen. Gina was an advocate for her housemates and fiercely protective of them, especially because they are non-verbal. She had quite a connection with them and would often know what they needed without verbal communication.

Gina recently was able to take a trip of a lifetime to Disney World accompanied by her sister, Erika, and Team Leader, Lauren Dearringer. She had such a wonderful time experiencing all of the fun and magic Disney had to offer. She attended the New Hope Fall Festival, another favorite annual event. She was also able to attend the Trader’s Point Prom which was another important experience in her life. Gina was aware of her circumstances and just before her passing, she went to each of the associates supporting her and shared her appreciation and love for them. That meant the world to the Coopersmith team. She will be greatly missed for her fun personality and concern for others.

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