Remembering our Friends

Remembering our Friends

April Dixon
3/27/1976 – 3/20/2022

April was served by New Hope for over 22 years! She resided with her friends at Arlington. April loved when her family would get together and she cherished time with them. Her hobbies included listening to music, watching movies and TV, bowling, and eating and playing UNO (which she was exceptionally good at). April was loved by many and will be missed by all. Our thoughts and prayers are with April’s family, caregivers, Arlington individuals and all who called April a friend. Read more.

Oscar D. Thomas
5/23/1960 – 3/17/2022

Oscar was a DSP with New Hope for 20 years, starting with us in 2001 in what used to be “CYCS” (Children, Youth and Community Services) and worked with several children we served in residential programs. Oscar eventually moved with three long-served individuals to Supported Living as they transitioned to adulthood, where he spent the remainder of his time with them at the McCollough site. Oscar was a pillar at McCollough – he was a strong, consistent presence for Jerry, Joe, Clarence and all of his teammates. He helped keep the guys’ home neat, organized and structured. He made sure the guys maintained their skills and independence and never did for them what they could do for themselves. He was well-respected by his supervisors and coworkers for his dedication and wisdom at work. We will miss him dearly, and thank him for faithfully serving New Hope for 20 years. We also thank Oscar for his military service as he was a veteran. Oscar leaves a loving and close-knit family and circle of friends.

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