Remembering Our Friends

Remembering Our Friends

Thom Green
11/30/1966 – 3/25/2018

Thom moved into the NHI residential facility in 1987 and resided on Beta Hall, which served individuals with traumatic brain injuries. Thom was valedictorian at his high school in New Albany, but was in a car accident soon after which resulted in the brain injury and other health issues. When the residential facility was being downsized for closure, Thom moved to the Dunlap Supported Living home and later to the 74th Place home, where he resided for many years in his bright red bedroom.

Thom’s sense of humor was very apparent as he loved to tell jokes and kid with others. He was devoted to and proud of his family and enjoyed showing the countless pictures of graduations, birthday parties, weddings and new babies. His favorite food was pizza, which he ate often. Thom will be missed for his sense of humor and friendly, outgoing nature.

Linda Worland
1/19/1947 – 4/6/2018

Linda moved into her 60th Street Supported Living home in April of 2015. She attended the Day Services program, where she loved to sing, dance and listen to music. Another favorite activity of Linda’s was Bingo, which she played in Day Services and at the monthly Kiwanis Bingo. She also really enjoyed watching old western movies and especially the Andy Griffith show. When asked where she would like to go in the community, it was usually White Castle and Steak-n-Shake.

Linda will be remembered for saying, “hey pretty lady” in the hallway to women passing by while she waited for IndyGo to pick her up. She could almost always be seen wearing a scarf on her head, no matter what the weather was like. She will be missed by her housemates and the 60th Street Team.

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