Remembering Our Friends

Remembering Our Friends

Bill McCreary
September 9, 1957 – February 24, 2021

Bill McCreary was diagnosed at birth with cerebral palsy, mental limitations, and an inability to hear or speak. Despite the communication challenges, Bill understood the unconditional love of his family, giving him a foundation of happiness, joy, and peace. Even when Bill moved to professional care, he remained an active part of the family through participating in all family gatherings, frequent visits, and special outings.

Bill’s favorite place to venture was McDonald’s. Bill also loved attending a weeklong summer camp at Bradford Woods, where he was able to enjoy nature and other camp activities. Bill’s other favorite activities included eating, creating art, working puzzles, and looking through magazines and tearing out the inserts to complete. Although Bill had numerous life challenges, he was a fighter who long outlived his life expectancy.

Thank you to the McCreary family for allowing us to serve Bill for the last 30 years. Our thoughts are with all of Bill’s family and loved ones as well as his New Hope family at Justin Group Home. Read more here.

Sam Wade
July 18, 1931 – March 4, 2021

Sam Wade, former New Hope associate, passed away on Thursday, March 4, 2021. Sam served as a Team Leader in New Hope’s Transportation Department for 24 years until he retired in July 2018. Sam’s daughter, Terry, shared that Sam loved the clients and the people that he worked with at New Hope. While he followed several career paths throughout his life, his time at New Hope was the most rewarding and his favorite. Sam’s family, friends and coworkers are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Read more about Sam’s legacy here.

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