Recognizing New Hope’s Quiet Professionals

Recognizing New Hope’s Quiet Professionals

While most people who know New Hope of Indiana know us for our services for those with disabilities, there is another, smaller program working quietly and diligently to do some of our community’s most important work. As we recognize April’s National Child Abuse Prevention Month, we also want to recognize the dedicated counselors, case managers and other professionals who are serving families in crisis through New Hope’s Home-Based Counseling program.

These professionals provide services to families referred through the Department of Child Services, in cases where there has been substantiated abuse or neglect in the home. Through this program New Hope provides case management, therapy and visitation services so that families may heal and reunite. Case managers work with families to identify and access resources that will help them reach their goals and achieve healing. They provide additional support by attending medical appointments as needed, providing safe supervised visitation and working on parenting skills to reinforce the parent-child bond.

Case managers, therapists and visitation specialists attend family team meetings and testify in court regarding the family’s progress. They help families understand a system much bigger and more powerful than they are. These professionals are responsible for helping families understand and implement change so that families reunite with a successful family life. It is a difficult, but very rewarding job. There are few things are as rewarding as seeing family, sometimes after more than a year, successfully reunite.

Just as our other associates do, these professionals exemplify New Hope’s Core Values each and every day – Service, Reverence, Integrity, Wisdom, Creativity and Dedication.

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