Our Programs

Day Services

Our Day Services Program gives participants an activity-packed experience, every weekday from 8:30am to 4pm. We serve adults with intellectual and physical disabilities by offering a broad spectrum of activities indoors and outdoors. Since we began the program in 2008, our goal has been to provide meaningful activities that focus on the development and growth in each person’s chosen areas of interest. Participants can shape their own day by doing what they love to do, enjoying their time with us each and every day.

Our Day Services Program includes:

Personal choice of supervised activities including art, games, crafts, music, therapeutic iPads, computers & more

Time with our CCI facility dogs

Cooking & gardening for skill development and fun

Art Therapies for creative release

Sensory Room for a relaxing experience

Opportunity to participate in art exhibits and musical performances

Residential Services

We believe quality of life starts at home. That’s why we offer flexible, residential services for people with disabilities. We have a variety of housing options that serve those whose needs range from assistance for a couple hours a week to full 24/7 assistance.

Group Home Program Since 1989, we’ve operated 11 group homes licensed by the Indiana State Department of Health. Each of our homes serves 4-8 adults who live in a comfortable, personalized home. Our homes are located in neighborhoods throughout northwest Marion and Hamilton counties. Those who live with us are valued, integrated members of their communities.

Each individual is supported by a highly qualified team. Each home has a dedicated nurse consultant, dietitian, pharmacist, behavior consultant, a team leader and highly trained direct care staff who all work together to provide holistic care, personalized to do what is the absolute best to ensure the physical and emotional well-being of each resident.

Supported Living Program Our Supported Living Program began in 1993 and is designed to support those who need assistance several hours a day or up to around the clock assistance. We can offer support in the private home or apartment of each individual, or in one of the wheelchair-accessible homes owned by New Hope.

Those who participate in this program may live alone or with one to three roommates. Our mission is to assist each person we serve in developing and maintaining the skills they need to be successful in their home and community. Each home has a dedicated nurse consultant, team leader, and highly trained direct care staff. Durable Medical Equipment and a Benefits Specialist are available to assist as needed.

Family and Community Services Our in-home services provide support to children and adults in their private family home. Our services include individualized assistance with all aspects of life, including independent living skills, community connections and follow-through on therapy and educational goals. This includes personal assistance, individual and small group community-based activities and wellness coordination.

Therapy Programs

We serve our clients holistically by focusing on social, emotional, and spiritual needs. We offer music therapy, recreation therapy, and behavior services to people with varying levels of disability. Each person receives individualized care from a specialist who helps them be successful at home, school, work, and in the community.

Behavior Services The goal of this program is to enhance the quality of life for children and adults with disabilities and to increase their ability to be successful in all areas of their lives. Our Behavior Specialists conduct in-depth assessments and then develop positive support strategies shaped to cater to the unique skill set and needs of each person.

The PLAY Project

PLAY is an early intervention program for children ages 15 months to 6 years of age, that can improve social interaction, communication and functional development in children with autism. Parents and their Certified PLAY Project Consultant become partners in their child’s progress to empower families to have a closer, more satisfying relationship.

Music Therapy Temporarily Unavailable Music has a positive and healing effect for everyone. It’s a powerful tool that can stimulate, yet decrease anxiety and help center a person’s attention, opening the mind for increased learning. Musical rhythm stimulates and organizes muscle responses, helps improve physical skills, and promotes an overall emotional wellbeing.

Recreation Therapy Temporarily Unavailable Fun play and activities can improve physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Our Recreation Therapy program is implemented and managed by a certified therapeutic recreation specialist who assists participants in meeting their goals through games, sensory integration, role play, social activity, fine and gross motor activity, pet therapy, music and art interventions, and other recreational opportunities.

Transition Services

New Hope of Indiana offers community-based transitions services to young adults exiting high school and looking for services which will encourage personal growth. Our current programs include:

Achieving Inclusion and Meaning (AIM) Program

Food Truck Program – Cheese and Thank You

Vocational Services

New Hope of Indiana offers vocational services to individuals who want to work in the community as well as those interested in starting their own micro business. Individuals work with Employment Consultants to develop an employment goal and design strategies to achieve that goal. Employers receive ongoing support and training re: employment of persons with disabilities.

Our Vocational Services include:

Interviewing skills

Resume development

Social skills in the workplace

1:1 job support in the workplace during initial employment NHI provides a Certified Benefits Liaison

Facilitate communication between employer and employee

To learn more, please contact Patrick Mitchell at pmitchell@newhopeofindiana.org.

Camp Catalyst

New Hope of Indiana’s Camp Catalyst is a unique summer camp experience for children ages 9-13 with and without disabilities. Camp Catalyst will encourage campers to be confident, independent, productive citizens who will help to promote an inclusive society. New Hope of Indiana seeks to empower campers to be catalysts for change in their communities who can redefine what it means to have a disability or to be a friend to someone with a disability.

Learn more.

For questions or more details about New Hope of Indiana’s programs and services contact Amy Flint, Director of Community and Family Connections, at 317-744-5430 or by email.