NHI Welcomes Mizzou Volunteers

NHI Welcomes Mizzou Volunteers

Last week, New Hope was fortunate to host nine students from the University of Missouri who chose to volunteer a week of their time on winter break as part of the school’s Alternative Breaks program. These students came to us from all backgrounds and with varied interests, but they all left feeling a similar sense of service and gratitude. Mizzou junior, Alexia Diamond, wrote:

To be able to serve is a wonderful feeling. A very humbling experience for most. The people that I’ve met at New Hope of Indiana taught me a lot about myself and will have an impact on me in various fields. I’m not the only one that feels this way. The University of Missouri-Columbia gave 9 girls an opportunity to volunteer at NHI despite weather hardships and we loved every minute of it.

“I loved how warm and inviting the NHI community was to us. I can’t express how grateful I am for the opportunity to learn from their excellent staff.” – Mattea Roweton

“My favorite part of my great time at New Hope was spending time with my new AIM buddies. Bobby’s infectious smile made sure there was never a dull moment especially when we were dancing.” – Krista Schoff

“In the amount of time we were there, I grew attached to a lot of people. I also hope to stay in contact with some. Thank you so much NHI for this opportunity.” – Alexia Diamond

We are so grateful for their service to our clients and to have been able to share our mission and our work with this great group of students.

Interested in organizing a group volunteer opportunity here at New Hope? Contact Kathe Rae, Manager of Mission Integration and Volunteers or learn more on our volunteers page.

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