New Programs Beginning Soon

New Programs Beginning Soon

Many young adults with disabilities have a difficult time transitioning from high school into adulthood. Unfortunately, services for these individuals are often limited and resources can be difficult to find. New Hope is committed to creating innovative programming that will meet the needs of these young adults. Our new Transition Services Program will consist of two programs: AIM: Achieving Inclusion and Meaning and the Food Truck program. Both of these new programs will be community-based and will offer skills-training in several areas to better prepare participants for living independently in adulthood.

AIM is designed for young adults with disabilities who are exiting high school. In AIM, individuals will have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of community activities including volunteering, history of our city, museums, theater, self-advocacy, interacting with the legislature, recreation and a healthy lifestyle and much more. Services are provided in a 4:1 grouping and funded by the Medicaid waiver. Thanks to our partners at Pearson Ford, CICF and the Thomas P. and Sondra D. Sheehan Charitable Foundation for providing the funds for necessary transportation to make AIM a success!

As you may have heard, the Food Truck has arrived! We hope to have it in operation by the end of August. This program is also designed for those exiting high school who have an interest in the culinary world. Individuals will learn culinary skills through food preparation as well as sales, digital marketing and customer skills. You’ll soon be able to enjoy delicious mac-n-cheese with your choice of toppings. The truck will be serving lunch Monday through Friday at various locations throughout the city. Thanks to Pearson Ford, a generous anonymous donor, Kroger, Old National Bank and Mary and Tucker Hawkins for making this program possible!

Have a question or maybe even a suggestion for a lunch spot? Contact Kathy Ballard.

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