New Hope’s DEI Advisory Committee

New Hope’s DEI Advisory Committee

While this year has brought many unexpected challenges, New Hope is excited to take this opportunity to learn from our mistakes, to listen to the many different voices of our own associates, and to be a leader for inclusion in our community. In light of the many recent events which have brought our conversations to the topic of systemic racism, New Hope has created a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee made up of associates of different backgrounds, who serve at different levels in our organization. The committee met for the first time this month to discuss issues related to diversity within New Hope and recommend policy and other changes to best reflect our diverse workforce, clientele and needs.

While we know that this is just a small step toward resolving the deeply rooted systemic racism that affects our society every day, we hope that we can begin to do our part by addressing it and working toward a better future at New Hope. This DEI Committee, additional associate and client training opportunities and other candid conversations about race will help New Hope to embrace the inherit diversity of our associates and to lead other organizations in our community to do the same.

We hope that we can learn to just be kind.

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