New Hope’s Black Leaders: Trust Paunganwa

New Hope’s Black Leaders: Trust Paunganwa

As we celebrate Black History Month at New Hope of Indiana, it’s important to us to highlight a few of our amazing black leaders.

by Trust Paunganwa, NHI Manager, Family & Community Services
Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa, I was born in the middle of seven children and was first one to go to College. I grew up in the countryside walking 5 miles to school from 1st grade until 7th grade, without shoes, before going to boarding school. Most of what we ate was home grown. I can survive in different environments whether its rural or city life.

To me Black History Month is an important time to reflect on the past, good and bad, and to look forward with New Hope for a better future. It’s important for the nation to reflect on what was and what can be. Growing up black was not easy; I was born under colonial rule by the British and coming to America changed how I view people. We are one nation under God, there is both good and bad in all people, and I choose to focus on the good. Growing up black shaped me to be an advocate for the minority and the voiceless of all colors, shapes, and creeds. I learned to respect people simply because they are people and nothing else.

New Hope has been a haven of comfort for me. The leadership embraces all people from different parts of the world. There is a culture of togetherness at New Hope and there is opportunity for growth. You can advance professionally directly through promotion that values loyalty and competence or you can advance indirectly via reimbursements of tuition when you further your education in college.

I love what I do. I like to contribute in bringing hope to those who are disadvantaged in our society. Daily, there is a sense that we are doing something meaningful and making others achieve their goals and bringing their wishes and hope to reality. My boss and the leadership in general value and respect our experiences and opinions that we bring to the table. The leadership at New Hope genuinely cares about the people they serve and the staff who work hard to achieve great care for the individuals we serve.

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  1. Fortune Paunganwa February 19, 2021 at 6:17 pm

    I’m proud to be your sister Trust. 😘

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