New Hope’s Associate Financial Assistance (AFA) Program

New Hope’s Associate Financial Assistance (AFA) Program

New Hope of Indiana truly cares about our team. We do everything we can to ensure our associates thrive both personally and professionally. New Hope’s Associate Financial Assistance program (AFA) was started in order to accomplish this goal. 

The original purpose of this program was to assist associates with emergencies such as car repairs, utility bills, rent and more. Associates could apply for loans when facing emergency situations. Once approved, payments would be sent directly to the entity in which the loan was taken out for. 

In spring of 2020, the pandemic brought many hardships for all. As a result, New Hope expanded the AFA program to remove some of the barriers and make loans from the program more accessible to all New Hope associates. Now, once loans are granted, the funds are sent directly to associates. Funds are transferred to associates quickly, sometimes taking as little as 24 hours after the loan is processed. 

Since its inception, the AFA program has provided over 100 interest-free loans to our associates as they work to support both the individuals they serve at work and the families that they love at home. Some associates have even utilized loans from this program up to 4 times. Overall, associates have been truly grateful to New Hope’s AFA program.  

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  1. Gay Burkhart February 3, 2023 at 8:21 pm

    Remarkable and loving support

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