New Hope’s 40th Anniversary Photo Contest

New Hope’s 40th Anniversary Photo Contest

The August event for our year-long 40th Anniversary celebration was a photo contest. Associates submitted photos in three categories: Vintage New Hope, Core Values and Fun-in-Action, with a wonderful variety of pictures displayed of individuals, groups, action shots, memories, all reflecting on what and who we are at New Hope.

There was the picture of adaptive water skiing, the Daughters of Charity with their Hope Award Plates made by the clients, our 40th Anniversary kickoff, clients rallying at the statehouse, the Louise ladies in their new group home, Zeller’s Valentine kissing booth, Friends of the Fox at the IMS, Fall Festival, birthday parties, Indiana Beach, and so many more great NHI shots. Clients and associates voted on their favorites in each category, which for some, was a tough decision. Thanks to all who submitted and/or voted!

Check out the winners!

Vintage New Hope (unable to determine who took the photos since all are old!)

Core Values: Creativity
Jackie Wilson (now deceased) accompanied by Bunmi modeling beautiful outfits at the Pink Ribbon Connection Fashion Show; submitted by Gail Mehrlich

Clients from the Frederic Group Home showing off their 40th Anniversary t-shirts; submitted by Nicole Ridenour

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  1. Fran Neberieza September 15, 2018 at 3:28 am

    Its possible that I took the writing club photo since my client is in it and I was part of the group. As you know Ron started the group. So many fond memories …he is truly missed. So nice to see sweet Jackie’s beautiful smile.too. Great choices .

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