New Hope’s 40th Anniversary Celebration Continues

New Hope’s 40th Anniversary Celebration Continues

March was a big month for our yearlong 40th anniversary celebration with the wonderful birthday party. What a memorable time everyone who attended had; the heartwarming program recognizing our Class of ‘78 individuals, associates and physicians; special guests of honor Daughters of Charity, debut of the reflection book, a festive selfie station, yummy cupcakes, and much more. Our thanks to Amy Flint, Director of Placement, who did a superb job of coordinating the party.

In April, there is not a specific 40th event; however, we are hoping to capture some of the wonderful stories and memories of associates, individuals served, families and others. At the Associate Forums and other times, we will be video-recording associates sharing their stories. All will be compiled in video and written form to celebrate who we are now, but also for reminiscing and reflecting in years to come. We are also creating a video of all the 40th events occurring throughout 2018 to enjoy at the end of this momentous year. For questions on how to share your own story, contact Kathe Rae at

In May, our anniversary event is the Silver Cup Celebration. This is New Hope of Indiana’s first annual fundraiser luncheon which will take place on May 3rd at the Willows on Westfield at 6729 Westfield Blvd., Indianapolis. This event will showcase centerpieces made by some of New Hope’s most talented artists and will capture the spirit of New Hope of Indiana in so many ways. Please join us by registering today!

Over the years, several New Hope quilts have been lovingly made by associates and individuals served, which we continue to proudly display. It only seems fitting that we do one for our 40th anniversary. NHI programs and departments are each contributing “squares” to the core value themed quilt. Lynn Feldman, Director of SLP and talented seamstress, volunteered to coordinate and sew the quilt. The unveiling of the quilt and an ice cream social will take place in June.

Time capsules are another interesting and fun way to capture history and legacy, significant documents, stories, photos, etc. and we will be compiling one for our July event. At the associate forums in April, associates will be completing individual time capsule information sheets and groups will be discussing NHI as it is today along with current pop culture. Years from now, when the time capsule is opened, it will be very interesting and fun for everyone to see, hopefully, how New Hope has expanded and thrived, while maintaining our rich heritage and mission. Have something you’d like to contribute? Contact Kathe Rae at

There is much more in coming months so stay tuned!

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