New Hope Hosts Shark Week Party

New Hope Hosts Shark Week Party

Every July, the Discovery Channel designates a week to airing only shark-themed content. They also premiere several new shark documentaries each day of the event. In honor of Discovery’s Shark Week, friends of New Hope hosted a shark-themed party for our Day Services and Achieving Inclusion and Meaning (AIM) participants.  

AIM participants helped set up for the event by decorating with streamers and hanging shark-themed décor. They also created a pin-the-fin-on-the-shark game for the party. With their help, New Hope was transformed into a festive, shark-themed place.  

During the party, Day Services and AIM participants played shark-themed bingo and the pin-the-fin-on-the-shark game. They also did a fun shark craft. Additionally, like at all New Hope parties, they had a dance party complete with beach-themed songs. We ended the event with shark-shaped cookies. Our Shark Week party was a huge success, and we had a great time!  

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