New Hope Celebrates DSP Week

New Hope Celebrates DSP Week

Direct Support Professionals, or DSPs, are a truly under-appreciated group of dedicated caregivers. Not only do they provide necessary healthcare, they are often the biggest source of support for our most vulnerable neighbors. Individuals with disabilities often rely on DSPs for their daily needs such as personal care, meal preparation, medication administration and more. These caregivers are often the much needed support that allows individuals with disabilities to live as independently as possible. It is because of them that organizations like New Hope are able to provide high quality care.

Each year in September, we recognize DSP Week, and this year, we are especially grateful for the dedication and service of our DSPs. The last several months have put a huge amount of strain and stress on all caregivers including ours. They have silently suffered from compassion fatigue and many have worried about their own health and safety as they give of their time to best serve our clients. Some are parents or family members of someone with a disability, but many are not. Our DSPs are truly everyday heroes who deserve so much more recognition. Our DSPs come from all backgrounds and all walks of life. They range from the woman in line behind you at the store, a father sitting next to you at church, a young woman studying to become a nurse, the retired school teacher who lives across the street. They are our neighbors.

So this DSP Week, September 14th-20th, remember, not all heroes wear capes. Thank a DSP!

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