Mission Minute

Mission Minute

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by Kathe Rae, Manager of Mission Integration

It’s January and you know what that means: time to make that often dreaded list of resolutions; lose weight, get more exercise, save more money, etc. All great ideas, but what usually happens with New Year’s resolutions? We join a gym, perhaps start a diet or maybe avoid the sales at our favorite stores; all of which typically lasts about a month. Good intentions and initial “gung ho” motivation; however, very challenging to maintain, especially if there is little progress or success. With 2018 being such a special year for NHI, I would like to suggest a fun and easy resolution, which takes little effort, can have an immediate positive impact, does not cost any money and will hopefully make you and others feel good.

Just SMILE! Seems a bit cliché, but think about the times you have had a bad day and nothing seems to be going right. When you least expect it, an individual we serve, a co-worker, one of your kids, or a total stranger such as a cashier at McDonald’s or someone simply holding a door open for you, flashes a big smile. At least for that brief moment and maybe longer, your bad day is put into perspective and is not quite as awful as you thought.

I would like to challenge all New Hope associates and individuals served, to accept the 2018 SMILE New Year Resolution and vow to keep it going though out this NHI 40th Anniversary Year. Just for fun, count your smiles for a few days and try to increase them to help you become more aware. See what happens and how you feel as both a smile sender and receiver. Just thinking about this resolution and what it can mean for us this year, brings a smile to my face.

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