Mission Minute: The Year of Creativity

Mission Minute: The Year of Creativity

by Kathe Rae, Manager of Mission Integration and Volunteers

New Hope’s 40th anniversary year has come to a close with so many wonderful memories, and now we are excited to usher in 2019: the Year of Creativity! Throughout the year, the Core Value of Creativity will be explored, highlighted and celebrated. In “living out” Creativity, we honor a commitment to seek new approaches to service and care, and to willingly try new approaches with vitality, energy and enthusiasm. This value is exemplified when we are:

• Seeking new approaches in practice with open-mindedness
• Embracing challenges as an opportunity for resourcefulness
• Welcoming change with hope, courage, and curiosity
• Exploring business and human issues in an imaginative and flexible way
• Showing dedication by continually reflecting on and enhancing programs and services.

As New Hope’s journey continues, being innovative is essential for continued growth and success as well as promoting a thriving mission into the future. Creativity is truly universal and applicable to all aspects of New Hope of Indiana: programs, services, associates, business, technology and communication. Challenges, and there will be many, are opportunities for rethinking how, who and where we serve. In our ever-changing world and industry, we must be flexible and imaginative, adapting to industry mandates while maintaining our dedication to serving those in need of support.

In the coming year, we will celebrate Creativity with stories of hope, inspiration and innovation. We will be profiling our associates and clients, focusing on new initiatives and re-imagined services and highlighting our special events and community partners. Of course, we cannot forget the importance of joy and fun which have been, and will hopefully always be, at the very heart of New Hope’s culture. Just check out this month’s Service Spotlight on Amanda Boyd, Manager of AIM, where creativity abounds to see how much fun we’re having here at New Hope!

We are so excited for the Year of Creativity and hope you will enjoy being a part of our continued journey!

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