Mission Minute: Thank You to our “Dedicated” Support Professionals!

Mission Minute: Thank You to our “Dedicated” Support Professionals!

by Kathe Rae, Manager of Mission Integration & Volunteers

In our industry of serving persons with disabilities, each year there is a week in September designated as “DSP (Direct Support Professional) Week” which is 9/9/2018 – 9/15/2018. While we are appreciative of New Hope DSPs throughout the year, we are taking the time to thank and recognize them for their service which exemplifies all of our Core Values, especially Dedication. For DSP week and the entire month of September, we are referring to our DSPs as “Dedicated Support Professionals.”

Our Core Values state that our workplace is a community of people who are committed to a common vision. So many of our DSPs “live” the Core Value of dedication. While it may be their job, we recognize how very important it is to provide great care and support to the individuals we serve as their health and safety is always our first priority. Beyond the daily tasks of assisting with physical care, bathing, medications and treatments, it is about truly knowing the individuals. Sometimes clients do not or cannot communicate that they are not feeling well or may be upset about something, but DSPs will instinctively know something is just not right and will follow up with their concern for the person.

We all share the common vision of enriching the lives of persons served. The four DSPs highlighted for DSP Week all said the reason they love their jobs is the individuals they serve and the joy they receive from them. The DSPs spend all of their time with the clients, and we see how committed they are to making the lives of those they serve special, memorable, consistent and fun! It may be taking an individual on a road trip to visit family they don’t get to see very often; arranging special birthday celebrations (this is definitely one of our specialties); painting fingernails to match a favorite outfit, accompanying individuals to favorite stores, restaurants, museums, sporting and other special events; going to parks; trips to amusement parks; the State Fair; Friends of the Fox; and so many more that we could fill pages of examples.

So, please take a minute and #ThankaDSP for their dedication to the clients and to New Hope’s mission!

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