Mission Minute: Small Miracles

Mission Minute: Small Miracles

by Kathe Rae, Manager of Mission Integration and Volunteers

“Never stop believing in hope because miracles happen every day.” Benny Hin

Hope is one of the most important guiding forces in our lives, providing strength, optimism, passion, motivation, courage and so much more. Hope is essential during those stressful and challenging times. Yet, as this quote illustrates, it can be experienced in our daily lives if we are open to it. Miracles are not always spectacular and earth shattering, rather inspirational, memorable, touching and feel-good moments.

As New Hope of Indiana is celebrating being named an IndyStar Top Workplace, it is often those “snippets of hope” which bring such meaning to our service and mission. While there could be volumes of New Hope stories, memories and reflections, we are highlighting several snippets from associates who truly serve with hope.

Tia Garland, a Team Leader at Payne Road Day Services, shared an ongoing and very special moment of hope. Several years ago, one of the clients, Mark, asked her to say a prayer with him, and she felt greatly honored. They have continued to pray together when he arrives at day services which is something Tia and Mark look forward to doing, starting their day off in a positive and faith-filled way. When Mark’s dad met Tia, he commented how much those prayers with her mean to Mark.

For many years, Sue McDonald, DSP at Ansar, has been accompanying Jenny and Linda to the Indiana Special Olympics Summer Games in Terre Haute. Jenny has been awaiting her new electric wheelchair and was worried about competing without it. She and Sue had hoped it might be in, to no avail. Fortunately, Numotion, one of our durable medical equipment vendors, had a loaner Jenny could use. The chair turned out to be perfect for Jenny with all of the needed features, so she could be independently mobile. She was able compete in all of her Special Olympic events, which thrilled both Jenny and Sue. Small miracles . . .

When asked to share a story of hope, Madonna Brindle, Nurse Consultant, immediately said there are just too many. However, she was able to narrow it down to a couple of snippets. One of our clients, Tyler, experienced a challenging adjustment, but his team, including Madonna, have worked together to support him. Madonna feels such a sense of hope as Tyler is now more animated, smiles and interacts with her and others. Her other moment of hope just occurred at Brendon Park. There was an individual visiting there, who is being considered for moving in at that home. Madonna had been told the person was basically non-verbal and probably would not interact much. She and the Brendon Park staff engaged the woman and she responded by laughing and even a little verbalization. The staff who accompanied her stated she had not seen the woman laugh before. Perhaps a hopeful start if she moves to Brendon Park.

Personally, I have many stories of hope at New Hope of Indiana. Kristen, an individual who resides at Demarillac group home, has attended Payne Road Day Services for several years. I enjoyed meeting her when she first started coming and she would stop in my office to say good morning. That evolved to a daily walk after lunch. Her announcing, “here I am” for our walk, makes my day and also provides a nice break! We like to say hi to others along our walking route. She recently was unable to attend Day Services for several weeks. I really missed our walks and hoped she would be able to return. She did indeed and our walks were able to resume.

It is those human connections and shared moments, which bring that sense of hope for now and in the future. Connections and relationships are the heart and soul of New Hope. It is what our mission has and hopefully will always be about. After all, we are New HOPE of Indiana!

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