Mission Minute: Pictures Tell Our Story

Mission Minute: Pictures Tell Our Story

by Kathe Rae, Manager of Mission Integration & Volunteers

NHI Fun-in-Action

In recent years, cell phone photography has exploded with the advent of selfies, quick videos, the ever-improving quality of phone cameras, and easy sharing. We all enjoy capturing those special moments, events and people in our lives. I believe that pictures tell our story and for many years have felt that is truly the case at New Hope. We can share stories about what is going on around New Hope in our newsletter, blogs,


Facebook, Twitter, etc., but what are we often most drawn to? The photos! It is the smiles, fun, celebrations, teamwork, journeys, compassion, losses, etc.

Our 40th Anniversary year-long celebration is continuing, and the August event is a photo contest. There will be three categories: Core Values, Vintage and NHI Fun-n-Action. The deadline for submitting photos is August 17, 2018 so

Core Values

there are still a couple of days to send your favorites in. Associates and clients will be judging the photos and can vote for the best in each category, with the winners announced on August 31st. This is yet another way to celebrate our history of service and dedication to our mission and wonderful memories.

What story are these photos telling?

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