Mission Minute: Getting Creative at Home

Mission Minute: Getting Creative at Home

As we continue to react to and manage the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic here at New Hope, we are holding on tight to our Core Values. This month, Creativity has been one of the most valuable tools for our associates and families as we weather this storm at home. Our Core Value of Creativity says:

We honor a commitment to seek new approaches to service and care, and to willingly try new approaches with vitality, energy and enthusiasm. This value is exemplified by:

  • seeking new approaches in practice with open-mindedness
  • embracing challenges as an opportunity for resourcefulness
  • welcoming change with hope, courage, and curiosity
  • exploring business and human issues in an imaginative and flexible way
  • showing dedication by continually reflecting on and enhancing programs and services

Many of the individuals we serve thrive when they maintain a regular and consistent routine, and this crisis has disrupted the routines of nearly everyone we serve. To offer a small piece of continuity and support, New Hope has transitioned most therapy and other services to be delivered via telehealth options such as video conference or telephone. This creative approach to service delivery has allowed our clients to continue to access supports such as Behavioral Therapists as they deal with their new normal.

Thanks also to our creative donors who have spent endless hours sewing masks to keep those we serve and our associates healthy and safe during this time. We’ve been enjoying seeing the “safety selfies” of our associates wearing their masks. Without our friends and generous donors, we wouldn’t have this added level of precaution to protect our people. Thank you!

We’ve also found creative ways to spend our time while at home with the individuals we serve. We’ve seen interesting and fun crafts, karaoke parties, living room bowling, backyard shenanigans and a LOT of kitchen table bingo games! As we continue to see more and more creative ideas, we’ve begun to compile a list of resources for our associates and families with suggestions for how to stay active and engaged at home. Have a suggestion of your own? Send it to us!

Here are our top ten creative activities right now:

1. The Bingo Baker website allows you to make your own, print, download, and play online Bingo Games. You can also search through hundreds of premade options such as animal bingo, instrument bingo, and weather bingo! These cards can be done with words, images or both.

2. Art for Kids Hub channel on You Tube has a wide variety of different drawing you can create through step by step videos. The options range from simple to more complex. Their library is fun to explore!

3. Interactive activities at home provided by The Children’s Museum on their website: Museum At Home.

4. Activities to do at home provided by Indy Library on their Pinterest page. This also includes online resources you can access with your library card.

5. You can find so many exercise classes on You Tube: Here are a few that have been tested by some of our clients in Recreation Therapy.
Living Room 1 Mile Walk
Simple Seated Exercises
Wheelchair Workout
Zumba for Beginners

6. You can also explore different locations, parks, and museums throughout the United States and the World. Here are a few virtual trips we’ve found:

Virtual Field Trips
National Parks Virtual Tours
Animal Habitat Live Cams
Virtual Museum Tours

7. Games and Puzzles:

The Epuzzle website allows you to do puzzles online on your with others. You can also create your own puzzle “table” to do with friends that you invite.

The Word Search website and USA Today have a variety of games you can play independently online.

8. Church websites also have a ton of resources. Here are the few I’ve looked in to: College Park Church, St. Monica’s Church, and Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation.

9. Zoom, Google Duo, Google Hangout, Facetime, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp are just a few sites that provide chatting, traditional calling, and video calling options to keep in touch with each other!

10. Pinterest has so many resources to find Coloring Pages, Craft Ideas, Word Games, Scavenger Hunts, Conversation starters, Would you Rather questions, I spy games, Recipes, Science Experiments, etc.

Do you have some other suggestions? Leave them in the comments or email them to us!

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