Mission Minute: DSP Recognition Week

Mission Minute: DSP Recognition Week

by Kathe Rae, Manager of Mission Integration and Volunteers

Every year in September there is a week designated to recognize and thank Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), This year, DSP Week is September 8th – 14th. While we strive to recognize DSPs on an ongoing basis, having the special week provides an excellent opportunity to express our sincere appreciation and highlight their dedication, service, compassion and so much more.

Governor Eric Holcomb, by executive order, signed a proclamation recognizing the more than 26,000 DSPs in Indiana. Here is an excerpt from that proclamation:

“WHEREAS, Every day, Indiana’s direct support professionals make a tremendous difference in the lives of people with disabilities, strengthening our communities and supporting our most vulnerable citizens, for which they deserve our respect and deepest admiration.”

While we may be a bit biased, there is no question that New Hope has the best DSPs in the state of Indiana and it is certainly evident throughout our programs and services. While there is the all-important daily care and assistance DSPs provide for clients, it is so often the attention to detail, going above and beyond, creating compassionate interactions, making the individuals feel special and building relationships with family members that make such a positive difference in the lives of those served.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Organizing a Christmas party for quite a few Supported Living sites
  • A comment following an annual Indiana Department of Health group home survey, that a DSP showed compassion, dignity and skill while assisting an individual with a transfer.
  • Taking a client shopping for new clothes to look sharp for a job interview.
  • Helping individuals make valentines for their families and friends.
  • Planning outings with clients where they want to go, but also suggesting new and fun places too.
  • Showing a delightful sense of humor which makes the atmosphere at a home relaxing and fun for everyone.
  • Acting in a professional and compassionate manner during a medical emergency, which was helpful to the nurse consultant and calming for the scared client.

Our dedicated DSPs exemplify our Core Values of Service, Reverence, Integrity, Wisdom, Creativity and Dedication. Here are just a few of those DSPs. A round of applause to them and all of our DSPs for supporting the New Hope mission!

Each of our DSPs live out our Core Values in so many ways, and Millicent is a great example of Service! She works in two different programs serving dozens of individuals and has been at New Hope for 10 years! She keeps coming back to work because she loves the people she serves and the culture at New Hope. Thank you for your service, Millicent!

Jonel Foreste exemplifies Reverence and believes that when you do what you love, you love what you do. He brings love and passion to each day as a DSP and has for nearly 19 years at New Hope. He is proud of his role in his clients’ and coworkers’ lives and works to make each of them feel comfortable, valued, important and loved. Thank you, Jonel, for leading by example!

Scott is a terrific example of Integrity at New Hope! With nearly a decade of experience, he serves an individual through our Family and Community Services (FCS) Program. Scott loves his job as a DSP, because it doesn’t feel like work. It’s easy to respect others and fun to pal around town with a friend! Thank you to Scott for his service!

Kim has been a Direct Support Professional (DSP) at New Hope for nearly 19 years, working at the same Group Home for that entire time! She loves serving others and learns so much from them about compassion and love. To her, those she serves are like family. They even call her Mama Kim! Kim is a great example of serving with our Core Value of Wisdom and we are lucky that she is a part of the New Hope family!

As a DSP, Carolyn Short values Creativity. She’s always looking for new ways to engage those she serves to make them feel valued and loved. To her, a job is about so much more than the money, it’s about giving something back to others. We are so glad to have Carolyn on our Castleton Day Services team, and so are her team leaders!

Nataki Hare is celebrating her 15th year with New Hope this month! She has had a lot of jobs but working with the clients has been by far her favorite. Helping others is her passion and she strives to make their lives special. Whether it is shopping for new clothing to look their very best, going to interesting and fun places in the community, cooking favorite meals or just bringing smiles to the clients’ faces, Nataki loves her job. Thanks to Nataki for living the Core Value of Dedication!

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