Mission Minute: Dedication Takes on an Unexpected Meaning

Mission Minute: Dedication Takes on an Unexpected Meaning

Throughout the last several, trying months at New Hope of Indiana, our amazing associates have demonstrated each of our Core Values in their work in unexpected ways. The most incredible example of this is our Core Value of Dedication.

Part of our commitment to Dedication states that we “encourage others to go above and beyond to persevere and give from the heart.” We never expected to have to ask so much of our associates as we have throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. They have truly gone above and beyond, serving our most vulnerable clients and sacrificing so much of their personal lives to care for others. We never expected that two associates would work weeks straight without a day off in order to ensure our clients would continue to receive the care they need and the support they deserve. We never expected that our therapists would have to learn how to connect with adults with disabilities over video chat, a challenge for anyone but especially in this situation. We never expected that our maintenance team would become supply distributors, making sure that our 50+ residential sites received the much needed masks and gloves that they needed to protect our clients and associates.

We never expected it, but we can’t say that we were surprised at what we learned: #TeamNewHope is made up of the most dedicated, caring workforce, and we are proud of their service to others, their commitment to doing hard things and the love that they bring to their jobs each and every day.

Today, we are so proud of our associates. Through their dedication and commitment to those we serve, we have reopened our Day Services program as well as our AIM program, both of which were halted due to COVID-19. We would not reopen these programs without the certainty that our associates are doing everything they can to protect the individuals we serve and their peers. Just look how happy our clients are to be back together!

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