Mission Minute: Connections of Hope

Mission Minute: Connections of Hope

by Sarah Stone, Mgr. Development and Communications

Happy New Year! At New Hope, we love celebrations, and this year we are celebrating our Connections of Hope. How are you connected to New Hope? How did you learn about our organization? Why is our work important to you or your family? What can we do to better connect the families we serve to one another, and how can we become better connected throughout the community? These are all questions that we are excited to explore with your help in 2020.

Personally, New Hope came into my life at a time when I was struggling to find much meaning. I had lost two of the most important people in my life within just a few months of each other. I had my first child and moved into a new house. My life seemed very unsettled. Then I got a job at New Hope working with Allison Wharry, our CEO. Her vision and passion for providing innovative, important services to an often under-served population inspired me right away. I began to find myself making long-term goals, looking for professional development opportunities and volunteering more and more in my community.

And I was so excited to come to work, because I finally found a meaningful way to spend my career. I met people like my friend, Michael, whose talent and creativity is obvious the moment you meet them. I worked alongside people like Amanda Boyd whose caring spirits truly embody the mission of New Hope. I played bingo with people like Cindy who can make friends with anyone after just one conversation. I had lunch with people like Liz Hoover, a member of our Board, whose admiration for New Hope and its associates is a constant reminder that we’re doing good things. I spent the next couple of years coming to love this place and the people who make it what it is: people like you.

So I’m glad to be connected with New Hope, with my peers and colleagues, with those we serve and with all of you. I hope you’ll share your story of connection with me by emailing me, and that you’ll stay connected on social media and through our newsletter this year.

You give me hope as does the mission that I’ve become a part of, and I’m so excited to see what connections 2020 brings!

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